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The University of Ottawa will continue to provide our students with exceptional learning opportunities, generate ongoing research breakthroughs, remain competitive globally and offer a unique bilingual learning and cultural environment. However, now more than ever, we are counting on the vital support of our alumni, donors and friends to make this vision a reality.

The University of Ottawa's Annual Campaign 2014-2015

We greatly appreciate your ongoing support in our efforts to provide an unparalleled educational experience for our students. You can make a difference by directing your gift to one of our highest-priority initiatives described here, or by donating to another fund. Whatever your choice, we thank you for your kind support.

Student financial assistance: fostering excellence

We want to enhance the educational experience of all our students, and your gift can go a long way in helping. When you make a donation to help fund student financial assistance, you are providing much-needed and much-appreciated scholarships, bursaries, awards or fellowships to deserving students.  By making a gift to the fund for financial assistance you are making an investment in our future.

Alex Trebek Innovation and Challenge Fund

This fund was established with the generous contribution of Mr. Alex Trebek, one of the University's well-known alumni and host of the popular TV game show Jeopardy! The fund provides support for innovative projects undertaken by students and professors eager to address pressing social or development issues, both in Canada and abroad. Mr. Trebek has kindly offered to match donations made to the fund, up to $100,000 each year for three years. When you make a gift to the Alex Trebek Fund, you make a positive impact on Canadian and international communities in need.

Learn more about the Centre for Global and Community Engagement and about more funding options.

The University Library

Simply put, the Library is the centre of academic and research excellence at the University. Keeping its resources up to date, online and interactive for professors and students requires continual investment. By directing your gift to the University Library, you're making a significant contribution to the future quality of our research and education.

Student mobility scholarships:

Shaping the next generation of leaders

We know that when students participate in exchange programs abroad they have a unique opportunity to grow as people, to expand their knowledge and to deepen their understanding of the global community. It's an experience that positively influences their approach to the world. To help make these educational opportunities a reality, the University offers student mobility scholarships to all students who are selected to take part in an exchange program. When you make a gift to the Student Mobility Fund, you're providing strong support for these scholarships, and thereby helping shape this country's next generation of leaders.

Faculty Priorities

There are several projects within the faculty that you may wish to support.

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Scholarships and Bursaries

By establishing a scholarship, bursary, award or fellowship, you are helping future leaders develop the values and tools they need to change the world.

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University Priorities

The University has outlined four key pillars in support of its strategic plan. Read about the values that guide us as an institution and see how you can make a difference by supporting discovery.

Student experience
At the University of Ottawa, we offer our students a truly unique educational and cultural experience. With more than 450 programs in all fields of study, we provide students with the knowledge and tools so they may find their place in the world. Our faculty members are well equipped to share knowledge so that our students may pursue discovery.

We believe that curiosity is at the heart of every academic pursuit. This is one of the reasons that we are among Canada's top 10 research-intensive universities. A desire to learn, the courage to question and a passion for discovery keep the University's brilliant minds engaged, as they grow from students to scholars, citizens and specialists.

Our university is the place where students discover how they can make their contribution to Canada and the world. We pride ourselves on providing unique opportunities for students and faculty to experience the world and gain new perspectives. The Centre for Global and Community Engagement and the Visiting Professors Program are just two of the unique offerings that bring together some of the world's best and brightest.

As the world's largest bilingual university, we offer our community a unique educational and cultural experience, offering programs in both English and French. No other major university in Canada can say the same; this duality makes our students uniquely prepared to shape our country and to live out its values.

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